Advanced Dark Room Techniques – Audio Blog

The following blog entry deals with the advanced darkroom processing techniques of Vignetting, Dodging and Burning. All of these techniques can be done in the digital dark room using Photoshop or other similar applications, however the techniques I discuss in this post are done in an actual dark room using an enlarger, negatives, and photo paper. These techniques should only be attempted after the photography student is comfortable working in the dark room and has successfully produced several properly exposes prints.

The audio blog can be heard at the following locations:



Public Dropbox Folder

As you can see I tried several web apps to embed code onto WordPress without success. I even tried Audioboo, but they limit uploads to 3 minutes. REALLY frustrating given that it is so easy to embed on a wiki or onto a website using Dreamweaver…not impressed WordPress!


2 thoughts on “Advanced Dark Room Techniques – Audio Blog

    • I am impressed that you were able to make it work. As I said in the post I tried many different formats that work using other platforms without success. Perhaps a bit more persistance on my part might pay off.


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